Our fluffy Chinese-style buns have a range of delicious savoury or sweet fillings inside a steamed bun. Real beauty, inside and out.

They are easily prepared either in the microwave or steamer, ready to be eaten on the go for the ultimate healthy convenience meal. 

Our flavours include:

  • Pork and Cabbage: the perennial favourite
  • Pork and Spring Onion: the fresh taste of spring onion highlights the tasty pork filling: one for the connoisseurs
  • BBQ Pork: sticks to your ribs like nothing else
  • BBQ Chicken: for all the white meat lovers
  • Vegetarian: filled with fresh shredded shiitake mushroom, carrots, cabbage, chives, vermicelli and more, this bun proves that skipping the meat doesn't have to mean skipping on the taste. 
  • Custard: creamy and dreamy, the perfect end to a meal
  • Red Bean Paste - sweetly authentic,it's the real Asian taste experience